About Our Product

American Pima Cotton has been described as the cashmere of cotton.  It is natural cotton with particular virtues of its own.  Particularly, the fibers are stronger, longer, and softer than other cottons.  We take deep pride in assuring that the cotton that goes into making our handkerchiefs and pocket squares is 100% USA grown, Pima Cotton. 

While most companies ship this American-grown cotton to Asia for weaving and sewing to decrease production and labor costs, we care about the integrity of every part of our process.  That is why we are willing to pay more for the expert assistance of Italian artisans for our weaving and sewing in order to provide you with a more sophisticated and authentic luxury pocket square. 

When you see our logo on a product, you can have confidence that you are holding something that is created with integrity from start to finish.  We are particularly proud to offer a handkerchief that is completely made in the USA; from the cotton seed planted and grown on US soil to the finished product you hold in your hand.

We offer a limited number of handkerchiefs and pocket squares each year.  This ensures our ability to provide you with consistent quality and the personal touch we care so deeply about.